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Aromatherapy and The Sacral Chakra

This year I embarked on a journey. A journey which is bringing more balance into my life and a Journey which is manifesting loads of wisdom and peace. I have been attending yoga classes on and off for quite a number of years but attending classes was always at the base of my priority list as life was happening and it sometimes was too much to handle. This year I made a conscious decision to make an effort and move yoga up my priority list and Boyyyy I'm glad I did.

It all started with attending a  workshop at the start of the year. I took my essential oil kit with me and during the workshop I shared the blend I had created for the day with my friends. They loved it and it enhanced their workshop experience. So my friend and yoga teacher Jennifer Cortis handed me the beautiful task of designing a blend for helping in balancing each Chakra throughout the year.

How Does Aromatherapy fit into this picture ?

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, and means 'wheel' or 'spinning'. It is believed that they are centres of life force energy, or light, responsible for the health of our mind, body and spirit. They are key to the flow of life energy, called Prana, that vitalises us. They are not actually physical, but are aspects of our consciousness. Some yoga philosophies follow the ideal that there are seven main ones and some believe that there are six, each spinning at different frequencies. The lower three relate to our physical side and the upper three (or four) to our spiritual side.

They start at the base of the spine and move up to the crown of the head and are relevant to different parts of the body. Each chakra has a specific meaning, a colour, a sound, an element, an animal and essential oils associated with it. This is where the aromatherapy comes in.....the belief is that, through essential oils, energy can be generated for the chakra to keep it healthy and balanced. Each plant has a different vibrational frequency which resonates with a corresponding Chakra. 

This month we have been delving into the Beauty of the Sacral Chakra and the Blend I designed for this purpose is made up of the following essential oils

Sweet Orange
Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

Sweet Orange
Latin Name: Citrus Sinesis
Country Of Origin: China, America, Mediterranean
Obtained by: Cold expression or steam distillation of outer peel
Floral aroma: Top Note
Safety Data:Non-toxic (although ingestion of large amounts of peel has been known to be fatal in children),
phototoxic. Can cause dermatitis in certain people.
Action: Antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, bactericidal, tonic.
Benefits: Improves dull and oily complexions, treats mouth ulcers. Can be used in treatment of palpitations and bronchitis, constipation, colds and flu. Helps to treat water retention and great in slimming treatments. 

The Oil and the Chakra: Sweet Orange essential oil is uplifting and encouraging as well. It helps us be more open to delegate tasks and be open to accept help when tasks and life in general gets too overwhelming.


Latin Name: Elettaria Cardamomum
Country Of Origin: Tropical Asia, Europe, Sri Lanka and Madagascar
Obtained by: Steam Distillation from the dried ripe fruit
Floral aroma: Base Note
Safety Data:Non-toxic, Non Irritant, Non Sensitizing 
Action: Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Carminative, Digestive, Diuretic, Stimulamt
Benefits:Used to improve appetite , also used in treatment of anorexia, Colic, cramps, Flactulence, Halitosis, heartburn, Indigestion and Vomiting. It is a beautiful oil to be used for treatment of mental fatigue and nervous strain

The Oil and The Chakra: Cardamom is the oil of stability. It is perfect to use when nervous exhaustion is meddling with our concentration and general contentment. It is relaxing yet helps us be determined. Cardomom also gives us 'Joie De Vivre'.

Clary Sage

Latin Name: Salvia Sclarea
Country of Origin: South Europe, France, Russia, Italy, England, Spain, Morocco
Obtained by: Steam Distillation from flower stalks or partially dried leaves and young twigs
Latin Name: Salvia Sclarea
Floral aroma: Top Note
Scent: Sweet, Warm-Spicy
Safety Data: Do not use if pregnant or if consuming alcohol
Action: Anti Inflammatory, Anti Spasmodic, antiviral, relaxing, sedative, tonic, hypotensive and antidepressant.
Benefits: Helps to reduce excessive production of sebum May be used to help greasy hair and dandruff. Reduces blood pressure and relieves muscular pains. Relaxes spasms in bronchial tubes and helps anxiety in asthmatics. Also helps with painful periods and is useful for menopausal and menstrual problems. Can accelerate labour and is helpful in easing post natal depression. Clary Sage lifts the spirits and is used for many conditions associated with nervous or stress related problems

The Oil and The Chakra: I Chose this particular oil for our blend because this oil also resonates with our reproductive organs, balances hormones and is a very important essential oil for women’s reproductive issues. Spiritually Clary sage is inspiring. It stimulates the intuition and dream world without disconnecting one from the body. Giving us the power to soar whilst still staying deeply rooted.

Ylang Ylang
Latin Name: Cananga Odorata
Country Of Origin: Comoros, Madagascar
Obtained by: Distilled fresh flowers picked at night
Floral aroma: Base Note
Scent: Rich, sweet, spicy-floral and balsamic
Safety Data: May cause headaches and nausea. Do not use on babies and children. Use in low dosage
Action: Relaxing, Uplifting and Aphrodisiac
Benefits: Ylang ylang is a sedative, euphoric, anti spasmodic, circulatory stimulant, regulates sebum secretion, antiseptic. It is used to regulate extreme emotions, low confidence, low libido, palpitations, hypertension and to regulate very dry or oily skin

The Oil and The Chakra:I had to make this oil part of my blend. Ylang Ylang is all about harmozing and balancing. It helps to harmonize masculine and feminine energies and can help integrate the healing elements of the Divine Feminine. Ylang Ylang also instils sexual confidence, insight and clear vision. It allows us to let go of deep seated beliefs that hinder our growth and embrace Harmony, Peace and Inner Truth. 

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