Saturday, March 15, 2014

Taking The Ride Home

Oooo what a ride !!!! How Beautiful life is when we manage to find our place and purpose.

It all started 7 months ago when I decided to throw in the towel, to leave the rat race , to give up security and embrace passion, love and dedication.

I have been a qualified Aromatherapist for 12 years now but I have always had to practise Aromatherapy in my free time, as a part time, kind of a hobby. I was working full time as an Accounts officer for a long number of years. This gave me security, it also gave me the opportunity to continue to study, buy raw materials for me to work with and obviously help with expenses at home. But I it never felt right. I always felt dead. Something inside was missing. A void I could never fill. It got to be so bad that I was getting physically sick and I was only in my element when I was working with my oils and most importantly of all when I was working with people, beautiful people.

My mum came to the rescue as always. She always does J and always did J Well she has been a TV presenter and producer for the last 35 years and she came up with the idea of Producing and Presenting a Health Tv weekly programme as a family. I was to have an Alternative Therapy section in the programme as well. I was not thrilled at the idea at first as my self-esteem was never optimal and the thought of standing in front of a camera gave me the shivers. But my Mum is a very persuasive person and we gave it a go last year. This is the 2nd year that our programme is running on local Tv Station One and it is doing brilliantly. We grew as a family, as a team and it empowered me to the point that with my husband’s support I decided to leave my full time job last August .

Guess what?? It was the best decision I have ever made.

What amazes me the most is the fact that from the day I took this decision opportunities keep presenting themselves. It feels like I have opened a portal which was always there but which I had never tapped into. Now I know what Paolo Coelho means by : ‘When you really want something the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

So how am I spending my working days now? Apart from managing my house, taking care of my family and all the duties that go with all this and our weekly TV Programme, my main objective is still raising awareness on Essential Oil Use at Home. I hold regular workshops throughout the year and each time the participants ask for more so I am currently working on that. Consultations, Blending, Research and Studying take the rest of my time.

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy Course in Dublin is next on my list this year.

Well this is my Ride Home, The place where I was always supposed to be. It feels right and I feel whole and fulfilled.

I am barely covering my expenses but I am Rich. 

I am sometimes exhausted beyond repair but I’m Happy.

I am Home and I am finally ME.


  1. You surely are at Home in this ambient.. been noticing your efforts and dedication in creating and producing oils and creams, aiming for helping people into introducing these necessities in their lives and homes for their own precious benefits. Keeping pushing forward into teaching yourself and also teaching others about what our nature gave us to benefit from.. you certainly will succeed in what you do coz of your determination and effort.. and the more you'll move forward, the more people will enjoy a better living :) May God Bless you for what you do.. :)

  2. Marika, as part of the D-Blaze Lifelong Learning team am honored and pleased that I worked with you. You're so talented: keep up the good work. You're full of Knowledge: keep on sharing it. You're full of potential: Keep believing. You're more than a colleague to me. Keep yourself motivated.

    1. I absolutely love working with you xxx and you are more than a colleague to me too xxx

  3. So much in this about what is wrong with our lives today and what it takes to make it right and find real fulfillment. Best of Luck Mar!